Clickable Paper is a new cross-media service that enables consumers to receive related online content simply by pointing a smartphone at any printed surface. Clickable Paper technology can be used with any kind of printed media (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, books, brochures and posters) to deliver all types of digital information or services (multimedia content, websites, e-commerce services, and social networks).

The technology underlying Clickable Paper is Ricoh Visual Search, developed at Ricoh Innovations. Ricoh Production Print Solutions LLC teamed with PTI Marketing Technologies, a leading web-to-print service provider, to demonstrate Clickable Paper at drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Ricoh Company has started a service trial of Clickable Paper in Japan with the free iPhone app "TAMAGO Clicker", available in the Japanese app store since February 2012. Theaims of this trial are to conduct market research with published materials, and to secure initial business opportunities. Current trial service partners are paper media such as newspapers and magazines. For more information on Ricoh's TAMAGO Clicker, see the official web page (in Japanese only) and a video demonstration of how it works.

For more information on Clickable Paper, please refer to the Clickable Paper press release from Ricoh Production Print Solutions LLC.

Below is a video clip showing how the Clickable Paper mobile app works:

And a video showing Clickable Paper authoring with SnapEdit:

For customer and media inquiries about Clickable Paper, please contact:
Tracey Sheehy for Ricoh Production Print Solutions,

For customer and media inquiries regarding Ricoh Visual Search, please contact:
Hugo Steemers, Ricoh Innovations,